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    "Could not be happier with our kitchen update.  Thank you Lori Drinkwater for the colour selection consultation.

    Thanks again for your help, you gave us exactly what we were looking for."

    Real Estate Staging Kitchen After

    Shane & Christie Desousa
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    “We could go on and on about the superior service we received from Lori of Fresh Look Design in St. Albert.

    Our house had been listed in a depressed market for approximately 11 months before we contacted Lori. During that 11 months there was very little interest or viewings.

    As our third realtor contract was coming to an end, we decided it was time to contact a stager so we contacted Lori to stage our house.

    Lori told us which areas in our house needed to be updated and which items needed to be removed.

    After Lori completed the staging process and we relisted our house, we had 5 showings within a week. One of those showings was a 2nd viewing. On the eighth day, after relisting, we had an offer pending and sold 10 days later for 97% of the list price.

    We would highly recommend Lori to stage your house. She was professional, fantastic, dedicated to our cause and very easy to work with. I learned so much from her, just watching her in action.

    If we ever need a stager in the future, we would definitely be contacting Lori from Fresh Look Design for assistance.”

    Real Estate Staging St. Albert

    N. Best
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    “I was extremely pleased with Lori’s work.

    She is knowledgeable, creative, interested and excited about her work.

    She turned my new condo from a place where I had just “put my furniture” to a cozy home that I am excited to be in.

    I love the new furniture, the artwork and the ideas that I will continue to use.”

    Real Estate Staging St. Albert

    Bernie Fitzsimmons
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    “After moving into our new home, I was unsure about the window treatments I wanted for our bedroom.

    I knew I wanted something unique and nothing I had seen in Store sufficed.

    That was when I contacted Lori. She came with a large selection of fabric and blind samples.

    The fabric and colors Lori chose complimented my existing furniture and bedding perfectly.

    Thank you Fresh Look Design for helping me make my new house a home!”

    Real Estate Staging St. Albert

    Kathy Couling
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    “We engaged the services of Fresh Look Design to provide us with direction and decorating ideas for our brand new home.

    Lori came to our home well prepared with books to view so she could get a feel for what we were looking for and the colors we liked.

    We met again and Lori brought many items to our home, accessories, pictures, etc., and we got started.

    Lori was very confident of her decisions and suggestions but yet was not pushy.

    We found her friendly, respectful, encouraging and professional to work with and we’re very pleased with the transformation of our house to a home.

    If asked whether or not we would recommend Lori, we would say YES!”

    Real Estate Staging St. Albert

    Shelley W.
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    “I had the opportunity to work with Lori during Homes for the Holidays this year. After contacting Lori about the project, she enthusiastically volunteered her time to be one of our featured designers for the event.

    Lori listened, thoughtfully provided her expertise and garnered all the resources to bring together a beautiful home central that was loved by all of the tour guests and reflected Junior League of Edmonton and it’s vision.

    Her blue, sliver and penguin theme was fun and playful with just the right amount of sparkle! Thank you Lori for all of your dedicated work on this project!”

    Brianna S.
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    “I am a senior and just recently moved into a lovely retirement residence.

    It was a new start for me and I needed help with decorating. Lorie was recommended to me very highly. she came to my suite, talked to me about what I would like and then went to work. She was very professional and listened carefully. I was looking for help because I have a bit of colour blindness!

    She helped me with furniture,accessories and furniture arranging. She would arrive at my door with carts of accessories and all kinds of knick knacks. She was a big help with putting together new things with my things that I wanted keep. And the picture wall in my living room is fantastic.

    I cannot say enough about her talents. She started with what her fees would be, which I really appreciated..

    i would highly recommend her to anyone. She was a pleasure to work with.”

    Elizabeth B.
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    “We were having a grand opening of our new cabinet showroom and needed a professional decorator to put the finishing touches on this project.

    I met Lori and discussed our needs.

    She was very enthusiastic and put me at ease in knowing that she would be able to get this done on such a tight timeline.

    We met on a Saturday and she came on a Monday with a car load of accessories and finished up just in time for our opening on Tuesday. She came back after the opening to do a review and take photos. Overall we are very happy with the service Lori provided.”

    Bob M.
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    “I was putting my house on the market in a buyers market and knew I needed help to get a good price. I hired Lori of Fresh Look Design and never looked back.

    First she gave me a list of things I needed to get done, like fixing a doorbell, cleaning up light plates, putting in higher wattage bulbs in some darker areas etc. Then Lori came in and got to work!

    Customer service was above and beyond!! She staged my home so beautifully it sold in 5 days (average in this area was about 55 days I believe) and for only $7,000 under ask.

    My thanks to Lori, it was well worth the investment, customer service bar none!!.”

    Laurel S.
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    “I hired Lori to help me with the “final touches” of decorating my new home. I had a vision as to how I wanted my home to look, but was struggling to find the right pieces and put a cohesive look together.

    Lori came for the initial consultation and was very professional and organized. She showed me her portfolio, which had beautiful examples of her previous work. She put together a profile based on my style preferences, and was able to show me photos of artwork and accessories to get a better understanding of what I liked.

    I’ll say this – Lori is exceptionally skilled at understanding her clients’ needs and wants. She has a HUGE assortment of unique pieces, and knows exactly how to put everything together to make a beautiful space. Lori spent an entire day at my home making sure everything was perfect. The finished product is incredible – my home looks fabulous and I’ve already received tons of compliments on it. Lori does fantastic work and I can’t wait to bring her in again once I am ready to decorate the other floors of my home.”

    Ashlee J.
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    “Lori really impressed me when she helped me to change up my living room and office area. Both of these spaces are small but the change was big. She listened to me and understood that I was ready for a change.

    She worked with some of my existing accessories and furniture and was mindful of my budget. She did a gallery wall in the office space that I just love so much and have always wanted. She repositioned furniture by moving it closer together to capture that “cozy” feel by the fireplace.

    She shopped for the kind of accessories that really work and pulled it all together with such professionalism and interior decorating knowledge, that I am just thrilled with the new look. Thanks Lori!”

    Bonnie J.
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    “Required a consultant to help us redo the top floor of our home, as I had no idea where to start.

    Lori was able to assist us in choosing the correct wall colors and then helped us in co-ordinating everything with the new furniture, countertops and backsplash.

    Thank you Lori for your time and expertise in helping us out.”

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    “Lori at Fresh Look Design is a pleasure to work with.

    She listens to her clients and works to match their need for a functional space with great design.

    We love seeing Lori’s visions come to life!”

    River City Tile Company
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    “Working with Lori and her clients is always a pleasure.

    Lori is very focused on making sure her clients’ needs are met as she co-ordinates furniture and accessories through scale, shape,colours, fabrics and textures.

    Every time we work with Lori, the end result are impressive and her clients are very happy.”

    Signature Lane Interiors
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    “My husband and I have hired Lori of Fresh Look Design to complete two projects for us. The first was to redecorate our living room and dining room in our home before selling it. Very successful as the house sold the first day it was listed.

    This year Lori provided her expertise to guide us in custom blinds and window coverings for the living room and dining room of our purchased condo. She also provided the artwork and pillows.

    Lori did not only meet our expectations, she exceeded them. She is professional, a good listener, completes the project in a timely manner and on budget.

    We recommend Lori for any of your home updates.”

    Vi Van
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    “We needed blinds for our high windows in the great room. Lori came to our house promptly after a phone call.

    She brought several samples, was knowledgeable and understood what we needed.

    Lori assisted me in choosing blinds which would complement the lower existing ones, and solve our problem with glaring sunlight.

    Installation was carefully done and we appreciated the attention to detail.

    Lori takes great care with her work. My husband and I are very pleased with both Lori’s professionalism and our new blinds.”

    Dianne W.
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    “Definitely would recommend.

    Was hired for paint consultation and had a huge assortment of paint swatches to pick from.

    She was very professional, friendly, confident, and had a beautiful portfolio to share before we started giving me the client a very good idea of her tastes and work done which was helpful in deciding if she was for me.

    Looked at every detail for color matching my existing furniture.

    Made full use of the lighting in different areas to get a better look at color selected.”

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    “We are so impressed with lori drinkwater from fresh look design.

    She has great ideas ! Has a very personable yet professional approach to her client.

    Very helpful, creative,and imaginative. Just what we needed!!! Will highly recommend her to our friends, and relatives.”

    Sandy T.
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    “Having previously decorated our home, Lori offered her services for home staging after our home had been on the market for a few months.

    Lori supported our home sale by providing us with advice on furniture purchases, artwork and bed linens.

    Our home definitely received more attention after Lori’s work. and sold 6 weeks later.”

    Cathy H.
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    “I am very pleased with the redecorating that Lori has done in our bedroom.

    What I appreciated the most about working with Lori was that she was able to pick up on my taste and style and update with accessories that made our bedroom feel very relaxing.

    Lori is very friendly and easy to work with.”

    Pauline P.
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    “We were redecorating our house, and were having a lot of trouble choosing colors for our walls, and deciding on window treatments.

    We contacted Lori to help us get out of our “white rut”.

    She was very helpful. We were on holidays when the painters were in. When we came back, the house looked wonderful.

    It is a much more restful place than it was before.”

    Gordon D.
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    “Lori was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in de-cluttering and rearranging the furniture in 2 rooms in my home (formal living room and family room).

    She helped me to use existing pieces in a fresh, new way. We have been in our house for 4 years, and had re-arranged the furniture (including pictures, mirrors and vases, etc.) numerous times, but it was never quite right. That’s when I decided to hire Lori.

    I was surprised by the easy decisiveness she used in placing pieces in different rooms, with very pleasing results. I now look at these 2 rooms and enjoy them immensely.

    The family room is far roomier, open and inviting, and the living room finally looks polished and complete.

    I appreciated the way she was able to use what I have, just in new ways, alongside a few suggested new pieces.

    I love the results, and would recommend Lori to anyone who isn’t quite happy with their home as it is currently decorated.

    She will be able to make excellent suggestions, with immediate results, and work within your budget.”

    Jodi P.
  • testimonials

    “I was extremely pleased with Lori’s work. She is knowledgeable, creative, interested and excited about her work.

    She turned my new (to me) condo from a place where I had just “put my furniture” to a cozy home that I am excited to be in.

    I love the new furniture, the artwork and the ideas that I will continue to use.”

    Bernie F.
  • testimonials

    “I got Lori’s company name through Houzz.com and I must say at first you are always a little apprehensive when hiring somebody through comments and pictures from a specific site. But I was not disappointed at all.

    When I first contacted Lori she got back to me within a day and was very accommodating to when it was convenient for me to meet.

    She answered my emails promptly and is very easy to contact.

    She is extremely knowledgeable and takes everything into consideration when choosing colours, fabrics and accessories.

    Her attention to detail is a benchmark for others to follow. When your hire Lori you certainly get her undivided attention and she does not stop working for you until you are 100% satisfied.

    I am extremely happy for what she has done for us and my house looks great thanks to her insight as to what looks best where and with what.

    I would definitely not have any problems recommending Lori from Fresh Look Design as you certainly are getting the best!!!!

    Thanks Lori.”

  • testimonials

    “We had lived in our home for about 8 years and something seemed to be missing.

    I found myself looking at new display homes and it dawned on me that what I liked was the draperies and staging of the newer homes.

    Lori’s consultation provided us a new look with paint, draperies and accessories which proved to be just what our home needed.

    I referred her to my daughter, who she helped with paint selection as well.

    I would highly recommend Lori and look forward to working with her again.”

    Cathy H.
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    “I called Lori to come help me decorate my new home as I was at a compete loss on where to start.

    She helped me pick a color and accessorized my living room and entryway.

    It looks fabulous! Lori is very professional and friendly.

    Will definitely be hiring Lori when we are ready to decorate other rooms in our home.”

    Amber M.
  • testimonials

    “I hired Lori to declutter, reorganize and stage our home.

    She was extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and personable.

    Our home is very welcoming with lots of beautiful touches displayed throughout it.

    We have had our house on the market 20 days now and already have a pending sale.”

    Joann W.
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    “We have an 8 year old house and it was time to update the overall decor.

    We picked several paint colours [a new base colour, an accent colour, with one accent colour yet to be decided] and bought a new dining room set.

    After painting the house with the new base colour we painted above the kitchen cabinets with the green we had chosen. Nice green but it just wasn’t “right”. How to choose another green that would turn out and would look good with a 3rd paint colour that we hadn’t even decided on yet? This is when we called Lori at Fresh Look Design.

    Recommended by a sister who had just worked with Lori, we arranged the appointment and explained our situation.

    Lori arrived and was professional and courteous. We went through several colour palettes that would solve our impasse and within half an hour we had, in writing, our final paint colour recommendations for a new green in the kitchen and the last accent colour that we had not come close to deciding on before meeting with Lori. It was just the assistance and guidance we had hoped for.

    Lori also spent time advising us on some options for window coverings we were musing about.

    We viewed her portfolio and learned about her achievements in her field.

    She also mailed us paint samples that we couldn’t readily get from the paint store.

    We would not hesitate to work with Lori again.”

    Oxford Edmonton
  • testimonials

    “We initially consulted with Lori regarding the ongoing frustration we were having with a unique casing and door color palette that ran throughout our home.

    She provided us with two colors within minutes that not only made our house feel like a home, but transformed our living space into a modern, warm incredible space.

    A year later we once again called on Lori to assist us with staging and updating our home into a ready-to-sell property.

    Our master bedroom and bonus room were in desperate need of a makeover fit for the wonderful living spaces they are.

    Once again, the bedding, accessories and especially the color suggestion turned these drab spaces into a beautiful environment of comfort and class.

    Lori is very easy to work with and her passion for changing your space into an environment worth sharing is evident in every choice she makes.

    Welcome her into your house – she will make it your home.”

    Jon & Heather
  • testimonials

    “We recently sold our home in St. Albert.

    While in the process, I was looking for unique accessories to enhance our homes appearance.

    Fresh Look Design by Lori had exactly the pieces I was looking for.

    With Lori’s expertise, our home sold after two weeks. Thanks Lori!”

    Katelynn C.
  • testimonials

    “This was my first time working with a designer and I was at a loss where or how to start redecorating our home.

    Lori was able to help me focus on getting one room completed and we are very happy with the results.

    We are planning to work with her again on another project soon.


  • testimonials

    “Lori has been bringing clients by my showroom for sometime now, I’m always impressed with the final result…more importantly Lori has an innate way of making the client comfortable…probably because she includes them in the decision…they always leave smiling!”

    Upperwoods Furniture Company
  • testimonials

    “Lori, owner of Fresh Look Design helped me with a bedroom makeover.

    I had a very outdated look and was not sure how to achieve an updated one with the furnishings I owned.

    With Lori’s experience, knowledge, and keeping within budget she created a wonderful space and an updated look to my old bedroom.

    Thank you Lori, you did an amazing job!”

    Karen A.